In honor of all my U2-loving friends who went to see the band last night in Seattle here is an album by album look at my top 5 6 U2 memories (sometimes, even I can’t keep it to just 5!)


1. Buying my first U2 album (on vinyl, in a real old-fashioned record store). I had borrowed “Boy” from a friend, but this was the first one I purchased on my own. I brought the album home and played it full volume on my dad’s high-end audio system.  Even with all the classics on that album the song I remember the most is “The Refugee”. I played it over and over and knew in that moment that this was my band.

2. Getting in the biggest fight of my life with my dad. I had tickets to see U2 and a friend who could drive me and my dad wouldn’t let me go because it was a school night. I told him that he was ruining my life and I really meant it. He still didn’t let me go and I was too much of a good-girl to sneak out and go anyway.

3. My first U2 concert in San Diego. It was on a weekend. : )

4. Hearing the first single released on The Joshua Tree, “With or Without You”. I was driving down the I-5 freeway in So California listening to KROQ when it came on. I pulled over into a gas-station and listened.  It felt like a holy moment, plus I was only 17 and totally in love with Bono.

5. Hearing about the free concert at the Embarcadaro about 20 minutes after it had started and not being able to get from Chico to San Francisco in time to catch it (I have a friend who did and shot photos). But that same weekend I was able to see them perform in Oakland. It was my first huge general admission stadium show. I stood in line with friends all day, got shit-faced drunk while waiting. Cleaned up my friend who puked all over everything once we got in the stadium and then fought my way to the very front, all the way to the barrier by the stage and watched from the closest vantage point that I could possibly get to in that place. Bono was 25 feet away from me for most of the night. Heaven.

5 Plus 1. Seeing them in London at Wembley Stadium. By this time my romance with the band had waned and the real reason I went to the show was because PJ Harvey was opening. In spite of the fact that they were no longer my “favorite” band, I still loved every minute of the concert.