It’s award season and here is my vote for the five best dresses of last night.


1. I think we can now expect to see more headbands…

2. She rarely makes a misstep on the red carpet and knows how to dress for her body, the occasion and her age–which never seems to change.

3. What can I say? Seriously, this woman is amazing.

4. I am not sure she has wowed or surprised on a red carpet look since her 1997 Galliano Chartreuse Oscar gown (one of my all-time favorites, btw). But she scored with this choice.

5. I loved this dress (especially the back, which is not shown). She could have “owned it” a bit more, but it is still stunning and the best of the black and white combos.



* I had several top choices that almost made it. Here is my second “top 5”

1. Tilda Swinton–the ONLY Avante Garde actress out there. Seriously, someone else needs to bring her some competition because she’s blowing everyone else out of the water. Individual.

2. Sarah Michelle Gellar–a bold choice, fun, beautiful and a perfect fit and was totally unique compared to all the repetition we saw in blush, fishtail and strapless. But the styling of the hair didn’t quite work.

3. Charlize Theron–can pull off big, dramatic haute couture and the blush color. I just can never quite get there with the bows.

4. Viola Davis–beautful dress in a stunning color, but a bit boring in shape and styling.

5. Octavia Spencer–dressed suited her perfectly in shape and style and she looked lovely. My only issue was the color…lavender. Really?