Lucy Lui was my personal favorite of the night.


By the yard

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January wish list

1. I’m a sucker for anything foxy

2. Nikki McClure’s lates calendar just so happens to have a fox on the cover. Fancy that.

3. these are all over the internet, but cute enough to mention again

4. new year, new door mat

5. of course

Christmas gift guide: for her

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Christmas gift guide: for him

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Give me a hand

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October wishlist

1. Wish I was in Reykjavik for this festival. But is broadcasting live so at least I can listen in from afar.

2. I love a good flan but adding pumpkin sounds amazing.

3. Women take over! I don’t want to┬ámiss the elles:SAM and elles:Seattle…so much great art from so many amazing women artists.

4. I like the look and feel of these paper mache pumpkins

5. random, but a really cool ring